Storage and collection of goods

Goods storage and collection service

DHT offers the best shipment collection service in Turkey, which guarantees you a safe, easy and successful shopping and shipping process wherever you are. At DHT Company, we receive all your shipments and make sure that they reach you as soon as possible. Our goal is to facilitate your shopping process by getting everything you want from Turkey in one click without facing any difficulties. We receive your shipments, collect them for you and then send them in one parcel with international shipping companies, and we can also be your personal shopper for an easier shopping process. We also offer the best land freight rates in Turkey due to our long experience in dealing with international land freight companies.

Our company occupies the first place in the field of land freight in Turkey, not only in the accuracy of work and completion on time, but also in ensuring the comfort of its customers and the profit of their satisfaction, because DHT Shipping Company gives you many advantages, including:

  • Door to door shipping service
  • Insurance on all shipments
  • Free packaging service and it is in several stages
  • Knowing the shipping method to complete the packaging process in a manner appropriate to the type of shipment (land – sea – air)
  • Securing the materials needed for packaging according to the type of shipment (household or breakable furniture)
  • Repacking if the shipment was packaged incorrectly to maintain the volumetric weight